Hi I’m Helen. Thanks for visiting!

Living in the Future is a personal journey towards discovering a more fulfilling and sustainable way of life. Whilst seeking a place to live with my young son, my journey led me to visit ecovillages and communities all around the world and finally, to live in a low impact community in Wales for 12 years. On this website, I share my experiences of the inspiring people and projects I found through documentary film and creative writing.

Where will YOUR journey take YOU?

You might be here because you’re looking to make a lifestyle change yourself. You might be interested in ways to live more sustainably, or in a more connected way with your community. You might be seeking to help create a society more resilient to the threats of climate change, peak oil, food insecurity and other destabilising factors. Whatever your motivation, I hope you’ll find your visit enjoyable, entertaining, educational and most of all, inspiring, as you watch, listen to and read stories of people who are being the change they want to see in the world.

You look after the Land, then the Land looks after you and you can look after each other.
Uncle Larry Walsh, an elder of the Taungerung tribe, speaking in Deep Listening: Dadirri

Living in the Future is concerned with outer and inner transformation. Bringing many years of yoga and mediation practice together with creative expression, Helen is an experienced workshop facilitator as well as an enthusiastic community artist and successful fundraiser. She is currently working on a project around the concept of Utopia with academics from Swansea University and community collaborators around Wales. For further information, please contact via email.

What we do

Film Making

Film is such a powerful medium and Living in the Future is using its persuasive power to help create a more sustainable world. Our FREE web series began in 2005 as a six-part experiment in online video. Now we have close to 60 short films! In addition, our feature documentaries are enjoyed by individuals and communities all over the world with an interest in building positive alternatives.
We’ve also worked on commissions for clients in local government, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

“Deep Listening” Yoga & Meditation

I am an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, and have facilitated groups in Wales and Australia. In presenting our latest documentary “Deep Listening: Dadirri”, I facilitate a workshop in speaking and listening, designed to give the audience a chance to experience concepts explored in the film and to build a sense of connection. See our events page for details of upcoming screenings, workshops, retreats and special events.


Drawing on many years researching alternative lifestyles and ecological awareness, as well as a long practice of yoga and meditation, I also produce articles on natural living and spirituality. Talk to me about content for your website, magazine or blog, or ask about writing workshops using “Freefall” writing techniques as taught by Barbara Turner-Vesselago.


Participatory video is a way to give people a voice, especially young people or those who are under or mis-represented by the mainstream media. For 15 years, I was media trainer with Undercurrents media charity in Wales, and with a BA in Communications and an MA in Media Education, I have taught in high schools and universities. Most recently, I was artist in residence for the Fairfax Youth Festival in Victoria, Australia.

What people say about our work

Helen's films are beautifully crafted and reveal her ability to communicate with a diverse range of volunteer organisations and highlight the inspiring work that they do. I commend Helen on her work and her unique and down-to-earth artistic sensibility.
Michael van Vliet, Team Leader, Community Grants, City of Yarra, Melbourne.

That is bloody fantastic Helen! What a great representation of all the good things that happen here at Atherton Gardens! Thank you thank you thank you!
Foti Margiolakis, Manager, Fitzroy Renewal Project, Melbourne