Episode 10: Permission to Plan

Pembrokeshire is leading Wales with new policies for sustainable building under Policy 52.

Pembrokeshire has new policies for sustainable building under Policy 52 of the Joint Unitary Development Plan for Pembrokeshire - Low Impact Development (LID) Making a Positive Contribution.

This allows for some building in the countryside, but only where there are land-based activities which support the community.

Lammas have designed their eco-village around the new policies, but will the planners say "yes"?

To live a low-impact lifestyle is to live lightly on the earth.

In essence, this means to intelligently and intensively manage our surrounding environment in order to maximise return (in the forms of energy, water, food, shelter and products) and minimise waste (through recycling, composting and energy efficient systems).

In practice, this means to adopt a land-based, simple, localised lifestyle that works with the land and natural cycles available to us. In order to explore low-impact living, it is necessary to create an integrated system of dwellings and infrastructure able to support such a venture.