Episode 17: Waking the Land

Lammas ecoVillage have found a site in Wales and now the challenge is to bring life to the Land.

Lammas have bought their land- and are starting to work it!

Low-impact development provides an unprecedented opportunity for the repopulation of the countryside by people committed to land-based, environmentally-conscious living.

Lammas aims to demonstrate that it is possible to live a modern lifestyle which does not cost the earth. Human beings are, through living on the land, able to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the natural world which is able to support both a wildlife and a human culture.

We, as human beings, are dependant on the earth for our needs. We are an intrinsic part of the web of life, indeed we hold a privileged position. With good stewardship the potential for diversity and abundance is enormous. We believe this can best be achieved by bringing together the enlightened management of our natural world and integrating it with the management of the land to meet our own needs. This requires a personal and intimate connection with our environment, and requires people living and working with the natural rhythms and cycles that form our world.