Episode 18: The Trial!

The Welsh Government are called in to adjudicate the planning trial for Lammas ecoVillage.

The Trial! Will Lammas get Planning Permission?

Pembrokeshire County Council have initiated a new Planning Guidance - Policy 52 - which will allow for low impact development in the countryside. This is the first time since World War II, when the country was designated for land, that residential building has been permitted in the countryside. The Lammas ecoVillage has been designed with this policy in mind, but the local council have refused planning on one occasion and now the process has stalled. The Welsh Government have been called in the adjudicate the process and make a decision.

Since this film was made, the Welsh Government Planning have spent time in consultation with low impact builders and created Tan 6 low impact guidelines for sustainable rural communities. They have since rolled out their low impact policy nationwide as One Planet Development.