Episode 2: Living in Two Worlds

Lammas is just a dream, but for the dream to become reality, it needs people and a place.

Living in the Future highlights how people have come together to build their own homes, grow their own food, and create lively and sustainable communities. In this exciting series you will meet communities in Australia, Spain, Ireland, Wales,England and Scotland.

Lammas is just a dream, but for the dream to become reality, it needs people. Lammas has organised a membership of diggers and dreamers who are keen to get involved with plans for the ecoVillage and an AGM has been called on a potential site.

The proposed site is on land currently belonging to Pont-y-gafel farm, next to the village of Glandwr, North Pembrokeshire. It is currently used as farmland.

The Ecovillage will be off-grid - completely independent of all mains services. All water will be sourced from the site using a combination of an existing spring for drinking water and rainwater harvesting from rooftops. All electricity will be produced on site using renewables. Fortunately there is an existing water turbine system on site which Lammas plans to renovate. All organic waste will be composted on site using a combination of compost toilets, wormeries and compost heaps. Fuel, in the form of coppiced willow and elephant grass, will be grown on site.

In accordance with Pembrokeshire Planning Policy for Low Impact Development, residents will need to demonstrate that they are substantially meeting their household needs directly from the land. In practice this means that the people involved will need to be working the land to good effect. Lammas residents are proposing a range of livelihoods from the land including woodland crafts, horticulture, tree nurseries, livestock and woollen crafts.

At the AGM, potential residents get a feel for the land and get to know each other. It's early stages and some of the people will find that it's not for them. However, some of the people you meet in this episode will become key characters and you will get to know them very well during the series!