Episode 21: Sundance Renewables

Biodiesel causes debate, but you can't argue with the way Sundance process their recycled chip fat .

Biodiesel is a controversial topic amongst green consumers, especially when large swathes of land are being cleared for growing crops to be used solely for bio diesel.

Sundance renewables use recycled vegetable oil in their South Wales production plant, collecting used fat from chip shops and restaurants in the area and using it to make clean, green fuel. There are rumours that bio diesel is bad for your engine, but at Sundance, they assure Dr Larch Maxey that their fuel is actually clearer than the diesel you will buy at the pump and can help your car engine to stay clean and function well.

Sundance is a not-for-profit social enterprise organised as a workers' co-operative.

If you want to try biodiesel in your engine, the Biodiesel Filling Stations website will help you find out whether you car is suitable and also to locate suppliers in your area.