Episode 30: It's not Easy...

... being green. The residents have chosen a tough life at Lammas ecoVillage, but the veggies are starting to grow.

New building techniques take some figuring out and at Lammas ecoVillage, they are doing just that. Cassie's roundhouse floor is causing some problems and Paul is beginning to wish he'd just gone to B&Q.

Many people tell me that it's brave of the Lammas residents to allow negative images to be portrayed, but the truth is that the life they have chosen is hard, if rewarding.People also tell me that these episodes of the Living in the Future series are among their favourite, so either we like watching other people suffer, or we just like it told as it is.

Meanwhile, Jane is happy that someone is taking notice of the food she is growing in her polytunnel. Food production will be an important aspect of the Lammas project, since the residents need to produce 75% of their income from the Land in order to satisfy their 5 year planning permisson under Pembrokeshire County Council's Policy 52 low impact planning policy.