Episode 4: Off Grid

A visit to the Big Green Gathering and Kings Hill community to research viable off grid solutions.

The term off-the-grid or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Lammas are researching current developments so that the technology they decide to use in the ecoVillage is up-to-date and efficient and suitable for their needs.

The Big Green Gathering is an ideal place to research renewable energy options, as many people showcase the latest technologies here to an interested audience.

Why is it important for low impact developments to be off-grid? The answer has many aspects. The first is an issue of independence. For a community to truly be resilient to changes in society, it is essential that it be in control of the generation and consumption of electricity. It is important that the electricity be generated in a renewable way, using the natural elements of solar power, wind and water through (in this case) small scale generation using panels for solar and turbines for wind and water.

It is also important for Lammas to move away from the large scale use of fossil fuels for electricity, with the view that fossil fuels are a finite resource which involves environmental degradation in order to secure and transport them.

In addition, the politics of fuel makes any large scale supply fragile and unreliable, as well as expensive.

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