Episode 55: Lammas Ecovillage - Five Years On

It's five years since Lammas ecovillage in Wales was granted planning permission and two years since Living in the Future stopped filming the documentary about them. Let's take a look at how the residents are spending their time.

The planning requirements from Pembrokeshire County Council demanded that they create 75% of their income from the land. Are they still meeting their targets? And what happens next? Building work continues in the form of the residents' main houses. Still using natural materials found on the land, we are seeing more reciprocal frame roofs; more straw bale insulation and more cob walls. But we also see a drying room for vegetables and grains; a new polytunnel for increased capacity growing, and a natural pond to increase plant and insect biodiversity and to aid irrigation in dry weather.

Above all, the Lammas residents are simply enjoying their life living on the land - enjoying the connection with the animals and with each other. This might just be where planning ends and life begins...