Join one of our Screenings or organise your own

This page will list the upcoming Living in the Future screenings and other events organised by us and our collaborators, as well as details on how you can organise your own screening. Get in touch with if you would like us to publicise your event here.

Organising an event?

Screenings are a great way to bring people together, and provide a jump-off point for discussions to motivate your community towards change. Ask your local school or community hall if they have a projector, and if they do, you’re half-way there! Ask a member of your local green group to host a Q+A afterwards. Read our guidelines for screenings and if you’d like some help.

If you organise a public screening of our films, we ask you to contribute to the project by purchasing a screening licence. The cost of the licence includes a DVD (or a USB drive for all 3 films) and postage. You can also download a full HD version of the film, if you prefer. This is a community-rate licence and it covers screenings at one-off events, such as meetings, conferences, celebrations, village green fayres or festivals. If you wish to use the films in a multi-user, multiple screening setting (e.g. libraries, schools, institutions), please to arrange an institutional rate.

Our new film Deep Listening is now available for screenings, either on its own, or as a part of the 3-in-1 Box Set along with the other two films.

Upcoming Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the Living in the Future feature documentaries?

The upcoming screenings are listed on our Calendar. Or you can organise your own!

Can I watch Living in the Future films in other languages?

Yes, you can. Download the film you'd like to see and get the subtitles for either Ecovillage Pioneers or Lammas. You can then watch the film with subtitles in the player of your choice (e.g. VLC). We are currently working on enabling subtitles for streaming. We also have subtitles to some of the more popular episodes and are always interested to hear from translators. To join our translation team, contact .

Can you film our Ecovillage?

Possibly. We would love to meet you all but our resources are very limited. Please send an email and we'll see how our plans can coincide.

Can I buy a DVD of the entire Living in the Future series?

Not at the moment, but you can purchase Deep Listening, Ecovillage Pioneers and Lammas feature documentaries on DVD (or all 3 films on a USB card). These documentaries are following similar journeys that you see online.

Can I have a review copy of the Films?

Yes you can. Please contact with details of your publication.

Can I sponsor an episode of the video series?

Yes please! We are seeking a suitable sponsor to keep the shows online for free. You can sponsor a whole episode for as little as £800, or place your advert on the site, if it is suitable. Our audience are environmentally conscious, interested in eco-building, living lightly with renewables and low energy technology. If you or your company can support us please for more details.

How else can I help?

Please review and link the series in your Blog, Facebook, Myspace or website or just pass on the address to your friends. Help us build a worldwide family.

Who funds the production of the video series?

Living in the Future has received support from various sponsors, including the Welsh Government. Currently, DVD and online sales are responsible for all new episodes, so please help us out and buy a DVD or download!