Films to inspire a more simple, sustainable life

This series of documentaries explores the creation of low impact communities: from planning (Ecovillage Pioneers), to building (Lammas), to the secret of living in community (Deep Listening). Choose a personal copy or buy a public version for screenings or educational use.

Ecovillage Pioneers Film - How to Plan and Ecovillage

Film maker Helen iles journeys in search of a sustainable, affordable way of life. From a turf roofed roundhouse in Wales to a permaculture village in Australia, Ecovillage Pioneers investigates some of the inspirations which lead to the creation of Lammas - the first legal low impact settlement in the UK.

I kept your Ecovillage Pioneers film by my bed as inspiration for the way I wanted to live.
Charly, UK.

Lammas Ecovillage Film - How to Build an Ecovillage

An intimate story of nine families moving back to the land. In 2009, Lammas ecovillage in Wales became the first legal low impact settlement in the UK. This is their story. Filmed over seven years, we share in the highs and lows of building from wood, straw and mud; coaxing barren land to produce food and learning to live inter-dependently with a new community.

The film is both light-hearted and moving, funny and serious — but most importantly it takes a good look at the reality beyond the dream.
What the Lammas community say about the film.

Deep Listening Film - The Secret to Living in Community

Applying the secrets of Aboriginal wisdom to help build community. A feature documentary from Living in the Future tracing a history of intentional community in Australia with a backdrop of stunning scenery and an underscore of ancient knowledge.

This is one of the secrets of life, no less. It really could change the world if people could just listen.
Maddy Harland, Permaculture Magazine.

Books written by our contributors and friends

Many of the people who contribute to our films are experts in their field. In natural building, permaculture design, collaborative decision making and much more. These links will send you to the book retailers, with whom we have an affiliate program, but you may wish to search for them elsewhere.

David Holmgren

David Holmgren is famous for being the co-originator of permaculture. He has a property in rural Victoria, Melliodora, where he lives with his partner Su Dennett and puts into practice many of the techniques about which he speaks in his books.

Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield lives at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in Queensland, is a facilitator for groups and gatherings and runs courses as part of her Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning company.

Claire Dunn

Claire Dunn is a writer, journalist, educator and barefoot explorer. Leaving her high-pressured job as an environmental campaigner, her partner and busy city life behind, Claire embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing while learning wilderness survival skills during a year in the bush. My Year Without Matches is the story of her journey.

Greg Foyster

Greg Foyster - A Melbourne author and resident of Murundaka Co-Housing community, Greg and his partner Sophie cycled the length of Australia in search of a simpler way of life.

Glen Ochre

Glen Ochre was a founder member of Commonground Co-Operative and the Groupwork Institute. She brought a lifetime of experience and skill to group facilitation, collaborative decision-making and conflict resolution.

Paul Wimbush

Paul Wimbush is a co-founder of Lammas ecovillage in Wales and presenter of more than half of the episodes on Living in the Future.

John Seed

John Seed is a founder member of Bodhi Farm community and now lives with his partner and young son at Narara ecovillage near Sydney. he developed, with Joanna Macey, the Council for All Beings and established the Rainforest Information Centre in response to a need for more knowledge about their rich diversity.

Dr. Bill Metcalf

Dr. Bill Metcalf is a social historian with an avid interest in community. He speaks with authority and humour about the realities of communal living in his books, and makes an informed narrator in the Deep Listening film.

Tony Wrench

Tony Wrench (episode 16) is referred to in the Lammas film as “the UK’s premier roundhouse builder” and that’s not an understatement. He lives in Wales with his partner Faith in a roundhouse which began as a planning aberration and ended up on the cover of the new Welsh planning guidelines for One Planet Living.

Eric Maddern

Eric Maddern is a storyteller who lives in North Wales on a piece of land on which he has built a village of different natural homes. Initially rejected by the planning authority, Cae Mabon is now celebrated as a place of architectural excellence. He has written many storybooks, some of which you can see above.

Alistair Knox

Alistair Knox was a maverick building designer who pioneered the mudbrick house in the area of Eltham, near Melbourne.

Maya Ward

In this rich and moving story, Melbourne writer Maya Ward embarks on a pilgrimage which traces the Yarra river along the ancient Aboriginal song line from the sea back to its source in the hills above the city. On the way, she weaves in historical and cultural tidbits from the world of both traditional and modern Australia which flavour the trip with a deep and poignant significance.