Episode 52: Murundaka Co-housing

What does a modern, purpose built, urban intentional community look like? A bit like this...

I get asked so many times - so what can we do to live more sustainably in the city? Well, check out Murundaka co-housing community in Melbourne. Tucked away in suburbia, 40 people of varying ages and sizes live together in harmony... well, mostly! They share common spaces and common meals, communal gardens, communal chickens... even communal babies!

In this short film, Murundaka opens its doors as part of the Sustainable Living Festival and shows that it is possible to comfortably house 40 people in the space of three standard Australian homes. With room to spare. As a rental model set up with the support of Earth housing co-op, Murundaka provides secure, low-cost accommodation. Shared resources make its carbon footprint even smaller.

What's not to like?